This video shows the vintage logo and jingle of one of the greek national channels, ET1. 

Last night, without prior notice, our government decided to shut down our Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (EPT), along with its numerous tv and radio stations. It is a pitiful and devious decision which has unavoidably aroused a huge public discomfort. It was no secret around here that EPT had numerous credibility and transparency issues but shutting it down in that way is definitely no way to solve them. Apart from those problems, however, our public broadcasting channels promoted culture, sports and art like no other private channel does. I'm sad I have to stop listening to my favorite radio station every morning while writing my posts, or watch long hours of figure skating on TV. It is not only about that. Not even about the thousands of people that are left unemployed. It is about the way a historic public institution ceases to exist, making us uncertain about how our democracy works in these days.

*Not a post about paradise, but for a troubled Greece indeed. 

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