Travel like a local with dopios

I know some of you would like to visit Greece and skip the tourist tag, blend in with the locals, adopt their daily habits, eat like they eat, hang out where they do, feel like you live here for like ever.
I try to do the same while going to another country, for this is the only way I get to fully sense that place deep down into my heart. And this is more important to me than all the museums and sightseeings in the world (I exaggerate; museums and sightseeings are important too ;)
Anyway, I came across a new online service that promises to make you feel at home while visiting Greece. It is called Dopios, which in Greek means local. According to the creators:

"Dopios is a new community marketplace that connects travelers and locals in order to create more authentic travel experiences."

The site helps you connect with locals that share the same interests and style with you and you can hire them to help you out with your stay, the places you'd like to go or even answer some questions you might have regarding your visit. See more information about the project as well as become a member here.

Photo of old men playing tavli by Makis.

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